Time To Make Your Blood Boil

You had been asked to organize the biggest event your country will ever host. Your nation’s pride was at stake; after all you were the third developing country to host the Commonwealth games. Your country won the bid amidst much high drama way back in 2003 and you had almost seven years to prepare for Delhi2010. You twiddled your thumbs and acted busy. You made elaborate arrangements for your post retirement funds and your bank balance went northwards. With barely two months to go, you suddenly realize your ass is on fire with the media gunning for your life. All of sudden, reports of collapsing ceilings, broken floors and loose railings in the so called ready stadiums are surfacing. What bull crap is the media propagating!!! Don’t these morons know that all these sports venues are architectural and engineering marvels, built to collapse at the mere mention of rains?

Now you have gone ahead and produced another marvel - commonsense defying contracts.

The world’s best treadmill can be purchased from Harrods for Rs 7 lakh. But why buy when you can hire and that too for an astronomical amount. Ever heard of treadmills and cross trainers that can be hired for just under 10 lakh for 45 days, neither had you till you started exploring new avenues to splurge the tax payers money. TOI is now suggesting you can build the world’s costliest gym by leasing jogging machines. At least someone is talking sense.

A roll of tissue which barely costs Rs 35 in the market is being bought for an astonishing Rs 4,138 for the wiping pleasure of the athletes. And mind you these are no ordinary tissues but well mannered tissues and squeak a thank you with each wipe.

You can take shelter under state of the art umbrellas hired for Rs 6,308 and cool yourself with a drink from a 100 L fridge hired for Rs 42,202 each. Tired already? How about sitting on a chair rented for Rs 6,308 and don’t forget to switch on the A/C that was purchased for a mere Rs 4 lakh.

And now all these good for nothing news channels are splashing these item numbers as breaking news!! Shame on them - don’t they know that you are simply doing your nation proud by squandering common-wealth and making the Con-wealth games a grand success?

Source Mail Today, Times of India


  1. loved the little tweaks in your post! thinly guised stabs at the conman organising the conwealth games!!!
    superb again!
    you rock!!

    but the truth about what you have written hurts...

  2. I had a friend visit the site a few weeks ago and he reported that the racing tracks are interrupted with water puddles littered with dogs steaming off their heat. I would love to see more facts if you can share.
    I saw you angry for the first time ever. This time you echo the sentiments of all Indians who take pride in their country. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. I had written about the same thing a few days back. It is despicable how they have made India and Indians looks like a fool and a successfully as a third world country!


  4. The whole concept of commonwealth is to take the common mans wealth and convert it into the private wealth of the few and privileged..we should all be proud of the creative ways in which this has been successfully accomplished..
    and as for the games, since cricket is not included who cares??

  5. What a shame !! Jhalmuri Time does it again !! Wonderful pokes at those we do not speak about !!

  6. Corruption is now in our intestines and that is what is being proved by kalmadi and co.
    What comes out after the enquiry is to be seen but in my opinion,it will beanother one of those enquiry which will take 20-25 yrs to complete.How can we even think that kalmadi is in it alone.Can congress sharks allow him to digest such huge amounts?Do you believe that congress was not aware of the mess around?

  7. Wow - those numbers are really off the charts.

    You know, I agree with Mani Kumar. I want the games to fail. I want such a huge ruckus and a hue and cry and the government will be forced to introduce legislation to lay down a proper procedure for acquirement.

    We Indians are very sensitive to how the world looks at us and we can use this to our advantage. If the games are a massive failure, we won't be able to tolerate the shame without making sure that something is done about it.

    So I'm an "Anti-national" person as well. I want the games to fail. And something tangible to result from the ashes.

  8. IOC the most corrupted sports authority in India and they went ahead with the bidding of CWG without consulting the ministry!! Thats the way things work here...not a single govt unit is managed well..be it any department!!
    Well i guess media somehow by bringing the issue is not allowing the guilty ppl get away easily!!

    Nice n interesting blog...:)

  9. Con-wealth games...common-shame for Indians, magiceye.

    Harsh...Oh it's a can of worms all right.

    An astounding disclosure by CVC that all quality certificates issued for the 16 games projects were either forged or suspect.

    The CAG in a report submitted a year ago, had warned the government that bureaucratic bottlenecks will lead to delays and the targets will not be met. And what does the government do? Nothing!!

    The cost of games was originally estimated at 655 crores and has shot up to nearly 12000 crores. And what have we ended up with?? Hopelessly delayed projects and these sorry looking stadiums!

    Jug Suraiya in TOI has suggested that far from punishing the organizers of the games, they should be awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics. All this money being pumped into the economy should actually help in escalating the economic growth and help the recession hit world economy as well.

  10. Athira...Not fools but a nation in coma.

    We do Madhu, after all it's our hard earned money that's going into their pockets!

    Futile pokes LEB, we can just fume.

    BK Chawla...The system has let us down and all eyes are now trained on the high command. Just disowning K company is not enough.

  11. Bhagwad Jal Park.. Let's not condone Mani Shankar Aiyar's irresponsible statements.

    This is just another glaring example of blatant corruption that is eating into our economy. I completely agree with Mr Chowla when he says "Can congress sharks allow him to digest such huge amounts?Do you believe that congress was not aware of the mess around?"

    NR...IOC with CPWD,PWD,MCD and DDA ...a union of some of the most corrupt and inept agencies.

  12. Conwealth to ek bahaana hai
    Corruption ka silsila puraana hai..

  13. Rajashree...Ashamed that we cannot do a thing.


  14. Thanks to the media the common people are being made aware of the dirty business behind the facade of the CWG preparations. But you know what? This will also go the IPL-row way. Eventually the furore will die down and the culprits will get away unscathed. As usual.
    Just shared your post on twitter where it seems to be getting good no of retweets. :)

  15. While I am laughing at your satire.. "squeak a thank you with each wipe"...

    But actually am seething with rage at this sorry state of affairs!! Why does this happen only here in our country!!?? Pathetic... terrible...disgusting!! :(

  16. Samadrita...We are almost expecting them to get away, aren't we?
    In IPL-gate an elaborate witch hunt was conducted and Modi was made the scapegoat. Wonder who it will be this time!
    And hey thanks for tweeting my post :))

    Shilpa...Fine tuning the art of stealing. And it keeps getting better.

  17. Sarcasm at the best...Take a bow!!!

    Hey...so in another feww eeks we Indians will be butt of jokes in the World...
    Goodbye to all d Olympic/Asiad dreams

  18. Hi,enjoyed reading your post. Keep writing :)


  19. *sighs* I should have contacted OC earlier and checked if a bill could be raised for some few lakhs for writing CWG post ;) :P

  20. Jon, we are already the butt of jokes.

    Thanks Nehha

    Lakshmi...This thought is begging for a post, puhhhleeez.

  21. Hi. I wouldn't be surprised if the games are cancelled.

    India is a nation of touts and middlemen. The CWG organizers were the middlemen for the construction companies and rental agencies. They charged astronomical amounts because these middlemen had to be paid their commissions.

    As correctly in an article in ToI, India's richest businessmen are not software moguls (The Narayana Murtys and Azeem Premjis are few and far between). Most of India's richest people consist of people in real-estate, mining, infrastructure.......in other words, businesses which require government licences and clearances. On the way to their success, many government Baboos and netas too must have minted a few crores for themselves.

    We live in an oligarchic state. The political class and the business class (builders, miners and industrialists) are in cohorts with each other. Will a Keshub Mahindra be brought to book ever ? Will a Kalmadi or scion of the Modi empie, Lalit Modi be ever indicted ? Will a Hiranandani be jailed ? Ever ?


  22. i don't know what to say , but i am very sorry , your blog post is just not good enough for the officers-in-charge of the CWG . it would have brought an instant change if any of them had shame . but since they all are shameless , in fact shameless is an underrated word . like they say in most of the hindi movie "yeh minister log paise ke liye apni maa ko bhi beech denge "

    just watch , let thing keep happening around you , just keep your mouth shut , cause speaking is a sin , in this land of Harish Chandra .

    any ways , i am new to blogging , will you just review my blog and tell me what is right and wrong for me and my blog . thank you .


  23. By the way who cares about this ex-empires games. India should break away from the symbol of past colonial emblems like common wealth nations group and similar forums. I can't take the idea of carrying queens baton through india. Colonial era is over, lets move on from all that kind of gimmicks. Well about roofs, what sort of architectural marvel is that? It can't give enough shade or protection.Those who watch top sporting events through sports channels can tell, it isn't a big deal in an era where huge retractable roofs are getting normal feature in top stadiums across the world. Apart from some freaky cricket stadiums, what sort of sporting infrastructure is here for the 1.3 billion people. We talk about china picking up medals in olympics and asian games. Check out the stadiums and sporting facilities available for the athletes and sporting personalities there. First of all kick out the fucking politicians from the sporting associations and bring ex-sports men at the helm of affairs. They knows better about what is needed from sportspersons point of view. Well, even the small kids can tell the names of top footballers, but they can't even get to know about indian footballers.Such is the pathetic coverage of indian sports apart from cricket. Well, i don't expect anything better from these freaky power mongering politicians. Well, if sporting infrastructure is improved and good professional leagues are started, just like bollywood, we can have a big industry which can give livelihood to millions of people.Unfortunately, indians are enticed by a fucking idiotic game like cricket and wastes their time and tv channels have only time to cover this game.

  24. We are a crisis driven country...we act only when our ass is on fire...they say let the games go on and we can catch the culprits later...so true, don't the committee and the judiciary have to get their due for 20 or more years, digging and eating forever and forever
    Corruption is as common as the common cold and as contagious as AIDS!

  25. Ahid...Have to admit, it was disturbing to read your comment. Doesn't make your heart swell in pride to know your country is a nation of touts and middlemen.

    Sadly it is the truth, even though we are in a constant state of denial. Bellary brothers, this scam, that scam...the instances are too many.

    About Keshub Mahindra... It was the policy makers of Union Carbide who were responsible for the Bhopal tragedy. Why just blame him?

  26. Thank you Swathi

    Rahul..At least some heads are rolling and people are pretending to clean up their act. Will go through your blog and leave my comments.

    Nithin...Completely agree with you when say ex sportsmen should be at the helm of sports associations, rather than some wheeling-dealing politicos.

    Look what happened to Indian Hockey federation. After years of gross mismanagement the players finally took a stand.

    And about CWG being a game of also-rans and a constant reminder of Britain's Imperial past. That's another long debate.

    Nalini...I am just dreading an enquiry headed by a retired judge. When the findings do get published, we'll all be dead by then.

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  28. The post made my blood boil, but more than that the daily revelations made by the media about corruption charges sometimes make the blood to evaporate! For the past one week I have seen Kalmadi in almost all news channels explaining that he is clean. But the matter of fact is that he is damn unprepared to answer any question put before him. When some astronomical facts are put before him here comes the reply " Nothing of that sought has happened, I am only the chairman I can go and have a look at each and everything that is happening around. It is the responsibility of the Delhi Govt...blah blah, and when he gets stumped he says "I dont have much information on this I will get back to you soon with the answers".
    Disgusting, and now we are actually in an emergency situation so people lets think of how to get out of this emergency.

  29. Thank you Maubrey for your friendly visit :))

    Anto...Kal-muddy is a seasoned liar. And he knows, like scores of his corrupt colleagues, he will get away with it.

  30. Totally agree with you.. The media is making hard for me (read Kalmadi)organise the biggest con wealth games of all times..

  31. Hi again. Overall I guess we are more of a nation of the Bellary brothers (as you pointed out), Maytas Infra, and Madhu Kodas than anything else. I can sort of agree about what you said about Keshub Mahindra in the Union Carbide case, but the jury is still out on that.


  32. Dhiraj...Not just Kalmadi but an entire platoon of corrupt officials/politicians who chose to milk the CWG funds for their personal gain.

    Abhid...Sorry, I got your name wrong in my last comment.

  33. Good satire. I loved your tissue paper bit.

    I hope the international committee scraped this tournament, and teach the govt a lessen they will never forget.

  34. Oh no Joshi our Nation's prestige is at sake. I would definitely want the CWG to be a success.

  35. Woah!!

    This big a scam! Stole the show! The Lalus and Kodas from my land can show way!


    You made it sound excruciating! Very witty!

  36. Like the way you systematically read my posts...from bottom to top. And thanks :)

    Madhu Koda is the baap of all scams.

  37. Hi, good to see your blog & your interest in the nation, politics & issues like corruption. I had been to Freedom Park, Bangalore to support the Anna Hazare team recently. I have shared my experience on my blog http://puneet3210.blogspot.com/2011/08/anna-hazare-freedom-park-bangalore.html . Do have a look. The same is shared on IndiBlogger also at http://www.indiblogger.in/indipost.php?post=72809 :) Puneet


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