Your Hospital Can Make You Sick

Way back in the early 90’s, Dr Ravi Batra, a noted economist made a startling prediction, touting India as the next superpower. Incredulous as we were, it sent a ripple of excitement and was a hot topic of discussion for months to come. Twenty years later we are still hoping. But wait, there is a spark of hope. So what if we are light years away from being a global giant, we have managed to produce a bug so super that it has the world running scared. Scientists in a UK based research laboratory have tracked down to Indian hospitals a drug-resistant bug that infects patients and causes multiple organ failures. The super-bug resistant to almost all known antibiotics, has been graciously named “New Delhi metallo”, NDM-I for short. NDM-I makes several serious infections antibiotic resistant, leaving you with no cure. Well, New Delhi is famous, so what if it’s for all the wrong reasons.

India is not amused with the Lancet report and has reacted along expected lines, calling the report a conspiracy and an attack on medical tourism. The government has even hinted that the report is biased, as a drug company was among its funders, while conveniently choosing to ignore the fact that the two of the authors are from Apollo which pioneered medical tourism in India.

And rubbing salt on to our wounds is an advisory from Britain’s national tourism agency, which labels Indians as impatient and unhuggable. The 2012 Olympics handbook further goes on to describe Indians as a race that regards British food with suspicion. That I will whole heartedly agree with, with the food so bland and over priced we have all the reasons to be suspicious. But seriously, after staying on for 200 years as uninvited guests in our country, these blokes still think we are impatient?

Researchers of the other variety have found, women spend an average of 2 ½ years of their adult life cooking. Men, it has been found spend 14 minutes more a day in the kitchen, but they don’t cook. And when they do, it is usually for themselves. Strangely even after all this slogging, women still find time to try on more than 21,000- items of clothing in their lifetime-but actually buy half of them. Obviously, you don’t marry each guy you date? Sadly if the woman is too busy earning rather than cooking and happens to earn more than her partner, heartbreak awaits her. If your boy friend or husband is earning less than you are, he is most likely to cheat on you. Cheating apparently is a man’s way of trying to restore his gender identity when he feels, it is under threat. Damn, we women never have it good. Don’t earn and perish in the kitchen or earn and perish of a broken heart.

But girls don’t despair, here’s how you can keep your spirits high. Log on to and place an order for “wine rack”. Now this is no ordinary wine rack but a bra that can store a full bottle of wine! You can drink through an attached tube and even inflate it to enhance your contours. I love what your undergarment can do for you. In the kitchen or in the office, life will seem so much rosier. Hic hic hurray to that.


  1. India has always come up with something for the world to stand up and take notice. And some people claim that India will topple the USA as the next superpower by 2050. Earlier, they said 2020 but now that doesn't seem too likely, so the dates have been postponed.

    And yes, British food is suspicious. Way too bland for us Indians. Not expensive if you try it there, but then why the hype here? Or is there?

    And this is for all ladies who are insecure that they earn more than their partners. Just make sure your partners are lazy. Really lazy. You don't have anything to worry about. Certainly, a heartbreak because of the ego should not arise!

    Nice one, as always, Purba. :D

  2. Again, an interesting,interesting mix of news, advice, humor and sarcasm (bit of feminism also :P but it's true, so no problems!)

    Keep writing...little more frequently please!

  3. far as food is concerned Indian food is more popular in England than their local cuisine. And who wants to eat boiled stuff with salt, anyway?

    Whats this about the new line of women lingerie? As if the "Rice Farm" one was not enough.

  4. Hmmm... you wrote abt too many things... Abt the bug - well, another feather in the crown for Indians!

    The british food is bland and if they could not develop taste for Indian food after ruling India for so many years... good for us...

    Men do cook for the family as well. Depends on the mood though... and believe me it tastes as good as a good hotel food... you see all 5 star hotel chef are men... but you should not have hotel food everyday... so considering your health factor... guys cook seldom! :)

    Wine sounds wackyyy!

    Nice post...too many thoughts unfolded or inter-mingled!

  5. You know D2..we can if we want to and emerge as a global super power.
    And living with a lazy partner is torture of the worst kind.

    Avi..Does feminism scare guys?

    Prateek..Ask me..I had Kerala prawns with steamed rice in London. But it was so bland...had to sprinkle Peri Peri sauce.

    Karan..Its a news gazette, part of my Jhalmuri Times series.

  6. India won't become a superpower by 2020, too much corruption. But it can be by 2050 as the youth nowadays are much more aware and excited to do the right thing, while also enjoying their life. The bug will scare off tourists. Well who cares abt it except for the tax dept!! :D
    Never had Britain food, but hear its quite bland..
    About the cheating part, there seems to be some truth in it. But why marry someone who earns more than u, if u have big ego in the first place?!! Crazy men..
    Wine rack!! Howlarious.. :D
    Loved this post :)
    (I don't think I'll ever dislike any of ur posts :xDD)

  7. I don't think The New Delhi Bug thing was true at all. How can u pinpoint a country as its origin? It was mostly because India has a florishing market of medical tourism. This was absolutely shocking and unbelievable.

    Well, mannerism in India, was quite right though.The personal space of an individual is more than the Western counterparts, in terms of social interaction.

    and yes, of course, the last one was great, earn more and suffer and earn less and suffer!!!

    This was a refreshing post purba!

  8. [email protected] I don't think I'll ever dislike any of ur posts...too early to say, no??

    Restless... I wouldn't trash the Lancet report. Has to be some truth behind it.

    And thanks :)

  9. Purba, I said that coz I read many of your previous posts and I liked all of em..
    So, the said opinion :)
    But, I didn't leave comments on em..

  10. Ouch. That hurts.

    As a freelance writer, I earn around half of what my wife does.

    The upside is that I work 7 hrs a week @ $20 an hour :)

    I never viewed it as an ego issue really. I think I really get the better part of the deal. But my wife tells me that there are indeed some men who can't stand earning lower than their wife...

  11. @ Girish...thanks :))

    B J P...One day you have to tell me the story behind this name.

  12. Isnt India already a superpower in its own right...and well bugs are only getting discovered now...we will find the solution also..and well the men ego issues I dont know why relationships have to be build on the money people earn?....

  13. loved the way you brought in different stuff.
    on wine rack, thats better than gardening (japan or china).
    Indian express had a good article on the overprescription of antibiotics culture amongst our doctors.
    and while aam aadmi might be patient, the vips or those with money to travel to London olympics proabably are impatient.
    btw what do we say about brits in our advisory for commonwealth, early birds who give us a headache when we prefer to do it on last day?

  14. Shahid...When you grow up, you will plays a pivotal role in building/breaking relationships.
    Welcome to reality.

    Wise donkey...The rice bra was a Japanese creation :)

    About the Brits..Caution, stiff upper lip; refrain from cracking pj's at all costs.

  15. :) nice but not your usual riproaring stuff.. not a keepsake issue of the now famed jhalmuri times..

  16. The superbug may well be an Indian gift to the world - rational use of antibiotics is not a feature of Indian medical care in general, especially as cost-consciousness prevents doctors from doing cultures to determine which antibiotics are going to be effective in a particular patient. To add to the seriousness of the situation, there are very few new antibiotics in the pipeline.

    As for that bra, I think a similar contraption for men would be very useful (especially in office) and much appreciated.

  17. That bug thing is for real? :O

    By the way, it doesn't matter what others say about us. What should matter is whether we are true to ourselves or not! So let's not mind what either British or American gotta say about us. Well! I don't even feel like abusing them because they aren't worth it.

    Anyway, nice post! :)

  18. magiceye...Will try not to disappoint you the next time :)

    doctoratlarge... Ever tried the hip flask?

    Nethra...Yupp, it has already reached Britain and may spread world wide.

    And thanks:))

  19. I think it is no big deal if NDM originated in India, the over reaction is so unreal because we are pretending as if we are cleanest country in the world.! lets us spend time first getting our house in order,then stake claims to the world. Reminds me of Rang De dialog - apne ghar ki safai mein haath toh gandey karney hi padenge.!

  20. Purba, you are brilliant as the word goes. Your style is quite a revelation to ogres like me who struggle with lone topics, managing to ooze a few lines in a blue moon or two. However, sometimes the diversions, no matter how brillant, dilute the impact of the original idea with which you start the post. Now this is just my humble opinion, as they say. I'd love to see you maintain the theme till the end, but remember, you don't write for me, or rather, you don't write for any one else on the earth, so you don't have to take me seriously.

  21. I've been "W(ine)rack"ing my "bra"in to say this was a "Super" post but -Bugger! twas was a bit below your usual rip-roaring stuff!

    Even so Jhalmuri times retains the top spot as my fav. roundup to read.


  22. @ GB...Agree, raising a stink and protesting loudly doesn't help. We need to take responsiblity for our actions.

    Our nation sadly suffers from the "ostrich mentality".

    Umashankar.. Of course I will take your opinion seriously. I do not want to let down my readers. Since JT is a weekly issue, sometimes it becomes tough to maintain a theme. But appreciate your feedback.

    Sowmya...My apologies for this lukewarm issue :)

  23. Ever hospital has a bug that is resistant to all antibiotics...blame it on the air conditioning which is a very modern method for the breeding and dispersal of the monster bug; that will grow and change shape with every bend of the AC it's there everywhere. If anybody chooses to expose it in another country, I bet the intentions are not very noble. The timing is perfect too. Smells too fishy for comfort.
    Now I know what I should present you for your B' of those bras filled with bubbly Champagne! LOL

  24. Hospitals are the perfect breeding ground for bugs. And we go to hospitals only when our immunity system is at it's weakest...scary thought!

    And your idea for a present made me chuckle so loud!!! LOVED your bubbly idea.


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