Old Boys Have All the Fun

Chulbul Putin
A new study in Britain has revealed that the typical nifty 50 is more sociable, happy and active than most 25- year-olds. They enjoy more nights out, travel further afield and catch up with friends more frequently. Their partying would put even a 25 year old to shame. 50 it seems is the new 25!

Take the case of Vladmir Putin, the 58 year old Russian P.M who is all set to replace his rusty old model with a sleek, acrobatic one. And no, I don’t mean his car. Putin apparently has split from his wife and is preparing to tie the knot with the 24 year old gymnast, Alina Kabeva. Alina’s father when contacted expressed ignorance about the ‘good news’, but added if she marries such a man it will be great, he’s quite similar to me. What’s so great about marrying a man who reminds you of your dad!
The septuagenarians, it seems are having even more fun. It has been reported that Morgan Freeman, the 72 year old Oscar winning actor, is all set to marry his longtime sweetheart E’Dena Hines. The 27 year old incidentally, also happens to be his step-granddaughter. Freeman has been maintaining a 10-year relationship with his step-granddaughter, which means she would have been barely 17 when they first ‘got together’. “Becoming Mrs. Morgan Freeman has been E’Dena’s goal,” revealed a family source. Some girls, it seems are intent on making a transition from sugar daddies to grand daddies. And granddaddies are only too happy to oblige. 

Now you know why he's grinning so much

Then you have Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian PM. He may be just 73 years old, but Berlusconi is more in news for his weakness for beautiful women and trysts with 19 year old lingerie models. Casanova just became a lil older. And how can we forget Hugh Hefner, the 84 year old original playboy and his bedroom antics! Are they for real or does he imagine them….just curious.

But if old boys can have all the fun, old girls are expected to behave i.e. cook and watch saas bahu serials. In a case of honour killing with a ‘twist’, a daughter and her boyfriend in New Delhi allegedly killed her widowed Mom jee, for having an affair with another man. Mom!!! You’ve been naughty and deserve to be punished.

But what gave me the shock of my life was my newspaper. A few days back, my humble newspaper spoke to me and no, it wasn’t my mind playing tricks with me. A lot of palpitations later, I discovered it was the Volkswagen, Vento ad with an attached speaking device. Trust the Germans to play such a nasty trick on us!!!

Dedicated to my favourite ole boy...Madhusudhan


  1. goes to show that growing old does not necessarily mean that one grows up!

  2. I would like to be in that list 40 years from now :P

  3. :) you sounding jealous lol!!!
    loved 'chulbul putin' haha
    fun post!!

  4. 'His rusty old model'...hahahahaha! Either that's very suggestive or i've a dirty mind :P

    LOVE the way you've played around with words in this one- sugardaddies to granddaddies, Chulbul Putin...

    Very A-Musing :)

  5. VArsha...Exactly!

    Prateek..Maybe I should issue a warning to all the kindergarten kiddies!

    magicye...Yea!!! why should boys have all the fun.

    Avi...Pssst...it is :))

  6. I knew about Berlusconi & Putin's raunchy antics. About Freeman, I didn't know. I'm a huge fan of his works. This news made him plummet to the bottom of my least fav people!!
    My god, how could such old men behave like this!! Such a shame. The ones who are supposed to be our role models do these kinda things!!
    The girls are little children compared to them!!
    Crazy world!!!

  7. The Volkswagen ad was really cool :D
    But I couldn't get the damn thing to stop speaking & gave to my lil cousin who broke it :P

  8. @ Girish - @ children - are they?!

    @ Purba - agree with magiceye! Just kidding!

    Yup, why should boys have all the fun?!!


  9. Everybody's getting the fun. But out of curiosity, where are the previous 25 year olds'?

  10. step grand daughter yeow!!!

    U are making me sad thru this post :(

  11. @Restless: Its a comparison to their ages!! U know what I mean..!
    I know they are not children, but still!!
    Grand daughter is too eww!!

  12. D2...They are busy working their a#@ off.

    Jon..Eeew!! That's how I felt, when I first came to know about it.

    Girish...I am a huge fan too, he has such an impressive body of work. I guess old age does things to your head.


  13. lol..purba you are hilarious! it is quite funny when you read about all these different people together! I guess true 'love' can strike at any age ;)

  14. Awesome n hilarious!!

    But what's up with that end? the Volkswagon ad?

    A Journey to the Unknown Spaces

  15. @ Girish, why should any fan feel that their fav stars let them down if they marry their step grand children? Its their personal lives, we can only be their fan of their works not their personal lives!

  16. Bhavana: I'm one of the least judgemental persons you can find on the face of this planet! (I've an opinion on everything, but I don't judge people)
    But it grossed me out that a man of his stature is having a relationship with a very young woman who happens to be his own gd (step or otherwise, I don't care)..!
    And I never said I fell off the bandwagon of his fans. I just don't like him as a person anymore!

  17. good one, particularly the volksvogen ad , the day when the ad appeared on times i picked my paper from balcony and i heard some audio, i was wondering my mobile is ringing however it wasnt my ringtone, then while reading paper i noticed the audio device lol :)

  18. Wildflower...But love at this age is well-calculated :)

    nkr...Ah... a collaboration between TOI and Volkswagen designed to scare the sh*^& out of you :)

    Bhavna...At times it becomes tough to disassociate an actor's personal life from his professional one. An unconventional match, such as this does evoke strong reactions.

    Sanjog...And now everyone is talking about the ad and the car!

  19. I think it would be fair to say that for every 50 year old man having an affair or more with a younger woman, there is also a younger woman having the time of her life with a mature, financially secure and confident man, who treats her well, and can afford to buy her bling..and what is wrong with that?

  20. Yupp...no one is holding a gun to her head. If sugar daddy is what she wants, am sure there will be many, more than happy to oblige.

  21. Well I suppose that's the trend in the west.....multiple marriages, extramarital affairs, significant difference in ages.
    What about Woody Allen? He too married his step-daughter...although she was adopted.
    And there's another serial womanizer Clint Eastwood. Although he is 80 years old, he is still a hit with the ladies. You should read about his personal life somewhere...gave me the creeps.
    Well I suppose to the west there's no such word as 'depravity' in their dictionaries.

  22. @ Samadrita, its the case even in India unfortunately. I have seen some cases as such. what about old rich men marrying young girls, havent you heard of that?!
    In India we know how to hush it up!

  23. Lets take bollywood, it is acceptable for a 40 year old guy to romance 18 year old girl in a situation where he plays a college guy and she a college girl(so she is playing her age). HAve you ever seen the opposite happen?
    When same thing is true with soceity and its unfair!
    A woman who has an affair with an younger man is frowned upon, but a man who has an affair with a girl raises a smile!

  24. It's the era of incest, homosexuality and what not. Let them have fun. By the way, girls always preferred older boys, didn't they? I supposed they would prefer someone who might be 5-6 years older than them but daddies and grand daddies...it's outrageous.

  25. @Bhavana
    Aishwarya happens to be older than Abhishek and even Sachin's wife. We do let older women romance younger men, don't we?

  26. well i guess its just the case of age not being a barrier for love..and well i do believe that these guys u talked about will not change..well its just the way they live....the society has evolved hasnt it to accept their lives and accept them too

  27. Thank god, the celebrities are a minority on the planet ... else i would be clueless ...

  28. wild wild world...
    or maybe its just for money...
    beats me.

  29. Samadrita...Clint Eastwood? that was a shocker! I guess at this age they can get away with anything. Their elders, who could have reprimanded them, are dead anyway :)

    Bhawna...We are youth obsessed society. A 40 yr old romancing a 18 yr old translates into..hey am stud enough to romance girls my daughter's age.

  30. Nethra... Read what Menon said...the arrangement works both ways.

    Shady Shahid...Society has not stopped being judgmental.

    flawsophy..Ah..as in you don't follow their antics?

    Rajlakshmi...Is it love or lust? But someone can counter argue, what's wrong with lust?

  31. Age is only in the mind.50+ not only brings in maturity but a level of steadiness too.

  32. Haha.. They're right when they say "Life starts after 40" then! :)

    I wonder...

  33. B K Chowla... I"ll just quote from Pablo Picasso..."Youth, has no age".

    mazingout...Holds true for me :))

  34. hehe..yep,I guess,with age comes maturity and,additionally,bachpana...something like the movie title 'umar pachpan ki, dil bachpan ka'?:)A big LOL at the newspaper talking to you..:)

  35. Gee...I am rubbing my hands together in anticipation! Will be 50 in 2 odd months and from what you say I will have a blast...:)
    Chulbul Putin got his bulbul...Morgan Freeman is DEAD...maybe it's in heaven, you are talking about...Oh there will be so many virgins to be had there!

  36. nice observation... so the retirement age is now 45 :D
    Not sure if you have seen some of those pension plan ads where in the old boy is always busy visiting places... Life is a continuos process of learning and changing :D

  37. Amit...At that point of time, my talking newspaper was far from amusing.

    Nalini...Won't he have to martyr himself for a cause before he gets his virgin bonus?

    Mohan...Yupp...never too old to have fun!

  38. Hey I am past 50 and I guess it is time to break the stereotype of cooking and watching serials! since I don't watch the latter anyway, I think I will just put the notice in of 'no cooking;! But there is a slight hitch -- am still in love with the L&M! :D

  39. Hey...you are barely 25!!!
    And L&M is the luckiest man on earth :)

  40. Was a fan of Morgan Freeman till I read this, now that's just WRONG!!

    But yeah, the entire history of mankindpoints to the fact that women are around to serve dinner and dust the furniture lest they incure the wrath of the insecure male EGO!
    Long live HUGH HEFNER and the dust that always seem to settle on the furniture!!!!

  41. The public forgets and forgives. Look what happened to Woody Allen. The man decided to shack in with his step-daughter and we were outraged. But do we care anymore? I still am a huge fan of his quirky style of film making.

  42. If I may speak on behalf of this 'young' generation of yours, we feel quite misplaced. The generation above us is having MORE fun and the generation below us has taken 'fun' to a whole new level.

    Like I remember saying some 8 years ago - "I can't wait to grow up!"

  43. Too many aspirations, too many EMI's spoil all the fun :)

  44. Whoa! Never knew such things happened in a society of such famous people. Really interesting read. Now we should just sit back and wait when grandpa's would start marrying their 5 year-old grand-grand daughters !
    And I'm glad it's just men having the fun - imagine an 80-year old lady marrying her grandson.
    Will surely comment on your blog from now :)

  45. I hope that never happens...old geezers marrying babies.

    And you are Twilight and Harry Potter fan. My daughter is more into it :))

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