Stranger than fiction

We are living in strange times.

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A group of villagers from Shahbarsa UP, tired of the inept ways of their village heads made a local beggar Narayan Nat, apply for the post of Village Pradhan. He was elected to the post last month. Although Nat is entitled to a Rs 1500 honorarium, he is no mood to quit his “family business” of begging. He now has people lined up, waiting politely for their turn, who not only drop coins in his palm, but also get their problems addressed. A village head, who begs to differ.

Definitely more honourable than stealing. Neera Yadav, former Chief Secretary UP is fast emerging the new age feminist. Why should only men be corrupt, what they can do I can do better. Close on the heels of Raja of scams, comes the Maharani of scams. The lady in question has caused a loss of 5000 crores to state exchequer, thanks to her large scale bungling in land allotment during her tenure as Chairperson of Noida. She has many other unique distinctions to her credit. During her 25 years of service, she was one of the most corrupt officers of the UP cadre. So much so, that the IAS association voted her as the corrupt bureaucrat No. 1. Last heard David Dhawan was trying to ink a deal with Neera Devi.

As a reward for her exemplary initiative in palming off public money, she was made the Chief Secretary of UP by Mulayam Singh Yadav in 2005 and Behenjee Mayawati not be undone, made her the Chief of UP State Road Transport Corporation in 2007. Unfortunately CBI didn’t share the same love and adulation for Mrs Yadav and she was made to resign the next year.

She has now been sent to Dasna Spa, popularly known as Dasna Jail in Ghaziabad to recuperate and count the wads of money she managed to accumulate. I am sure her bum chums are already busy digging a tunnel for her to escape.

And I learnt a new word this week – Hactivist. And the moral of the Assange witch hunt story – Think twice before you leak, especially in Sweden.


  1. It seems honesty of individuals is often only the lack of opportunity...Given a chance women are equally tempted. Palms itch....They need grease.

    Moral of the story is....Don't get caught. And if you do, brazen it out.

  2. he he...Jhalmuri Times rocks!!

  3. :) No scam surprises me anymore! One is worse than the next!

  4. Alka...Till temptation strikes we are all honest, faithful....Hmm true to a certain extent.

    Giribala...Mucho thanks

    Priyanka...It's like a Pandora's box :)

  5. I was listening to the Radia Tapes yesterday. Wow. It's an eye opener. Seats in the cabinet are auctioned apparently. Hundereds of crores. It's appalling. But I guess we're better of than the late 80ies early 90ies? :\

    haha and yes, I love the pun in the last line!

  6. Agree with Piyu. It is like...."huh! yeah...a scam...yeah...whatever." But it also boils the blood.

  7. Ujjwal...Police stations are auctioned....and now cabinet seats are auctioned...No wonder they think corruption is their birth right! They paid for it afterall.

    Prats...Yes your blood boils..the impunity with which they steal! How different are they from common criminals.

  8. "We are living in strange times." Indeed!! very strange! Enjoyed reading it! Thanks:)

  9. After all the latest Transparency International report says corruption has increased across the world and last year 54% Indians have paid bribe last year. So scams are deep rooted in our society.

    Hactivist is a new term I came across too last few days tx to wikileaks. Sounds good though :P

  10. Jhalmuri Times does it again !! It has brought out the "Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani" tid bits for the cold winter in Northi India and the wet winter in the South. I saw this piece in one of the daily newspapers. There is "aam" aadmi in India and then there is "scam" admi. :)

  11. It is like scam season these days! And every scam seems to be competing with the previous! I can do better than you, sort of thing, you know? In the true Indian competitive spirit! Kalmadi and his clan seems almost like amateurs with the new scams that keep coming to light!

    [email protected] 'Think twice before you leak, especially in Sweden.'

  12. The first bit was so amusing... The pic posted along is so apt...!

    Like like like :D

  13. somehow they never fail to amaze at the depths they can plumb in their quest for money and power!

    lol to the swedish moral!

  14. Sanchita...Loved your food blog:)

    Lakshmi...Thanks to CWG we are a few notches up the bribery ladder and our image an all time low.

    LEB...And the scam admi rules :(

  15. Smitha...We are fast emerging a scam-worthy nation. Who knows it might soon be a tourist attraction.


    magiceye...We can just watch on in helpless anger.

  16. “Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it” . Had Balgangadhar Tilak been alive this would have been "
    Corruption, dOh numbari, kaam chalao" is our birthright and i shall have it".

    Across all caste ,gender, religion , socio-politico-economic stratas these 3 are our common binding factors.we should all rephrased our constitution to include them .

    earlier we have the britishers ruling over us ..much better with lovely architecture and a organised administrative chain .the only problem was political freedom and we are ruled by a more cancerous system which is more beyond political but eating up our day to day lives as well.

  17. Lol So true. Especially the architecture [email protected] Rk Roy.

  18. Nice read,do visit Karnataka sometime and see what a shame we have brought for ouselves...with the politicians this place is not any far behind:P


    it seems everyone is at it ...


  20. Only 5000crores? Karnataka CM has looted a lot more than that and on top of that, he refuse to resign. Heights of shamelessness!

  21. Who is going to expose the CBI?...I hope they are not the Corruption Bureau of India!
    She looks so petite and powerless! ...but obviously that little head has a brain that works anticlockwise.
    I hope every day open up a new scam...a scam a day till every corrupted soul is scared stiff!
    I hope Jagan Reddy is the next...I have heard he is richer than the state of Andhra Pradesh.

  22. Hi, blog hopped here through Ujjwal's :) ... Great post! Agree with some of the comments here, now a days its almost like... scam.. *yawn* whatever... and heck, even that is sad! This will make a nice debate topic, everyone wants to talk about it, noone is actually going to do something about it. Nor am I, just fyi, but maybe we should... I mean, its the money that ultimately comes from the common man eh? Kills to know my hard earned money is ending up in some corrupt officials hands... and whats worse, Im not even getting my promised better roads!!!!!! :|

    Think twice before you leak, especially in Sweden. ROFL! :)


  23. Again, my dose of "Awesomest news across the globe" didn't disappoint.

    What is the last line supposed to mean? :( Wit impaired :(

  24. Hi,

    Came to know about your blog through Indiblogger. You have portrayed your angst in a really humorous yet eye opening way. Kudos! :-)

  25. RK...Corruption is the birthright of the ruling class. We are but the minions who are expected to pay our taxes on time.

    Raksha...Karnataka politicos take the cake!

    Bikramjeet...Wahi sochne me bhalaai hai!

  26. Nethra...Yeddyurrapa the land grabbing CM.

    Nalini...LOL, so true. CBI is far from squeaky clean. And Jagan Reddy is behaving like a sulky kid who was denied his share of the cake.

    Icemaiden...Absolutely, we elected these fools and they are accountable to us.

  27. Mangoman...You need to read the papers more often :) And the last line is strictly for adults :P

    Anurag...Thank you.

  28. Like your word play "Beg to differ". Funny thing you embezzle billions , you get promoted.

    You tweet about cattle class and you are forced to resign!

    FYI unfortunately assange did not discover his leak until they reported him to the cops 8 DAYS later.
    What were those bimbos waiting for Christmas?

    Wait till wikileaks gets hold of those faulty contraceptive manufacturing company :P.

  29. My most unforgettable word during my long stay in Delhi has been BMW - Behen MayaWati.

    Cant get over your Dasna Spa line. LOL.

  30. Words were used like a sharp sword in this.
    Haven't read many with that edge.

    Nice reading it.
    But there is one point, though am not sure of my stand on it, i.e. whether I'd do it or not, but 'its okay to earn, from corruption, if you can give more than you take.'
    Though, the people bent on doing good might not wander into such philandering, still...

    Interesting read, with just the right amount of humour.

  31. Dhanesh...Freedom of speech...of the a myth.
    But Assange for many is the new age messiah.

    [email protected] BMW. Btw what does Behen Mayawati have to do with Delhi. But I've heard she often comes to the capital for her "beauty" treatments.

    BBA...Like the Dabangg theory?
    And thank you:)


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