A-Musing turns One.............


A-musing turns one today - a blog that had no intention of being born.  It was only after Desicritics – a forum for aspiring writers, decided to put the spotlight on me, I realized much to my alarm that I needed a blog.  Thankfully I had a collection of nearly a dozen articles that I had written in the past three months. And so precisely a year back, A-musing made its tentative entry.  I managed a scintillating debut and foolishly created 11 blogs, one for each article.  It was not until someone who had been following my write-ups regularly, wrote me an alarmed mail did I realize my mistake.  Bless you HarshVardhan, my first follower, the first someone who believed in me. And of course Desh Kapoor who got me to write in the first place.

It’s tough to write an anniversary special without sounding like an Oscar like speech. I want to thank him, her and it goes on.... Yes, there are many dear friends and my long suffering family I should be thanking but I decided to let others speak on my behalf.  Friends who know me through my blog. Some get gushy, some have fun at my expense, while some are still thinking.... 

This week I get a well deserved break as I sit back with my cup of coffee and let my friends take centre-stage. 

Come join in the fun. 


  1. Happy Birthday to my fav blog and congratulations to my fav blogger :) Many many happy returns of this day :)

  2. Congratulations and many happy returns of the day!!

  3. Hearty congrats Purba! It must be a gr8 feeling. I enjoy reading your posts...and your style of humor. wishing you many more anniversaries and Happy Blogging!

  4. Just one year? I felt you've been around for ages...

    P.S: I'm your senior :p

  5. A very happy first blogoversary!! :) Looking forward to many many more! :)
    Cheers :)

  6. long innings ahead....
    best wishes

  7. Heartiest congratulations! :-) We hope to see more of your writing in months and years to come. May your fanbase and readership keep growing every day. This happens to be one of my favourite blogs!

  8. congrats!! as people say it's tough to say that you been just there for a year! way to go

  9. Congrats...i cant wait for teh terrible two's

  10. Well...Happy Birthday to A-musing! You simply rock!!! I stumbled across your blog a few weeks earlier and the first post i read was- " Am ode that stinks"...Yew!!! I was simply bowled over and i come back every time you post something. You have been a big inspiration to me, to help me evolve as a serious( oh, not that;)) blogger...Have fun and give us our fair share too;) Good luck dear Purbha...

  11. Aha...its just one year old? It certainly feels like a very matured and well developed one, with scores of great articles to read :)

    Congratulations Purba and I look forward to read more and more from you :)

  12. I was expecting this "Gosh your blog turned just one". We thought you've been around for ever!!

    And G2, so what if you are a senior, I can rag better!

    Thank you Anto, Giribala, Abha, Shilpa, RK, Jon, Menon, Siddhartha

    Prats eternally grateful for that smile.

    Cloud nine...Thanks for your sweet, encouraging words.

    Tanay...Flattered :)

  13. Happy Blogversarry! Now how about writing a book? Think about it! :)

  14. Oh wow! Congrats and happy birthday to your blog...!

  15. 1..2 .. 3.. Mike testing errr... no keyboard testing.

    Well, here we are at an important day in the Tiny planet called Earth that is lost in a galaxy called Milkway. Earth might be tiny but not the deeds of the humans that the world has seen... Here we are witnessing one of the deeds of our fellow-blogger-human who is celebrating her first bloganniversary. History is not made in one day but exactly 365 days and the history is born in the name of A-musings ...

    *chokes with emotions* will continue later... Till then from the bottom of my heart.. Congratulations!

  16. Congrats!!..Don't ever stop writing!

  17. Congratulations blog. Now that Purba has gone to get her cup of cuppa, let me congratulate you personally on this Birthday of your's. So a very happy B'Day and may you grow big... err fat...err bulky with loads of humour and sarcasm. Oh and when Purba does come back, ask her to take good care of you, growing things need special attention. :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  18. hey .. congrats on your anniversary ... and hope you go a long way ... keep writing ...

    just one year ...??? wow, amazing output rate ...

    i wish i could write even half your amount of material !!! ... it's all my fault anyway - not being to find time :(

  19. CONGO !!!

    This blog (read: owner) should be giving one big fat party !! :P

    ...and more parties in the days to come !!

  20. Hello Amusing,

    Many many happy returns of the day to you. You are one special blog who never fails to bring a smile on my face. Wish you all the success in the new year.

    Always Happy

  21. dementedbrilliances ...I need to get Idea :P

    Bhavana...Thanks sweetheart

    Chandana..The blog lisped "thank you dear Chandana"

    Lakshimi...The milk of kindness flows from your heart. Runs for her pack of tissues!

    Ana-treek... Yea...wouldn't want to stop

  22. Blasphemous Aesthete..>Aww such a sweet message Anshul..
    A-musing you better stay in shape or else!!!

    flawsophy...A few of them are guest posts...but yea try to write two posts a week.

    Enchanta...A-musing's Mom is always in a mood to party.

    Always Happy...The second year is always a challenge. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  23. Eleven blogs for eleven posts! That was a scintillating debut no doubt :) Gave you a-musing memory to celebrate the first anniversary with.
    This was a lovely post, Congratulations and Many happy returns.

  24. Congratulations, Di. It's certainly a good thing that your superb writing is now all in one place for me to peruse! :D

  25. This is the beginning and many more laurels to achieve, keep blogging and congratulations.

  26. Wishing your blog a happy birthday and you a anniversary for being in the spot light. Much more to come, stay tuned...

  27. IHM....Yes my faux pas created history :)

    D2...LOL...Thank god for small mercies

    SR , Hemal ...Much appreciate your warm wishes

  28. one yr??? zats oll???
    hehe given d skeletons, i was under d impression dis was an ancient place. :o
    Congratulations n wish u much success :)

  29. Thanks Surabhi, Rajesh and Raksha :))

    Sadiya...Naa not that ancient after all.

  30. Congrats!! mam,achieved a lot in short span ....great going.My best wishes are with you.

  31. Congratulations Purba and Happy B'day : 'A-Musing'! :-) I know the feeling, though those b'day blog posts have stopped. One of the best bit about blogging is the blogger friends you make. Do I have another blogger friend in you?

  32. Pratibha...It didn't seem short to me and thanks a ton for your wishes.

    popsie..I know, the last one year I have connected with so many wonderful people.

  33. thanks for the advice ... check out my new piece ... :)

  34. Congrats Purba, its such a pleasure reading your posts; Enjoy it. I actually finish all my work quickly, the dsy you post, to read it in leisure

  35. Congrats Purba! :) Awesome one year it has been indeed!

  36. New improved flawsophy now available in a concise version.

    Bhagyashree...Wow, really!! Flattered

    Vineet...Awesome yessss.

  37. Congrats Purba. Sorry couldn't comment before this. :( Suffice to say I am one of your delighted readers who gets her dose of smile and laughs to start her day from your tangy blogposts. May your blog live forevermore. :)

    I have been travelling and didn't have access to the internet. When I got it, I commented on Snow Leopard's post before I lost the connection again. So here I am wishing you a happy first anniversary so many days later.

  38. Haha 11 blogs!! Super-crazy!

    Anyways, wishing you continuous success, and also of course, a very happy first anniversary!!

  39. Hey! My blog had her first b'day too this feb! Loads of blogger celebrating their first b'day in feb, guess last feb had some creative thing! Congrats!

  40. Purba ji, congrats. well said oscar speech. nice to remember your inspirers.

  41. Zephyr...You are on a vacation, chill!! Of course your wishes mean a lot to me but I wouldn't want the blog to come in between you and your leisure time :)

    Pooja....Super crazy indeed.

    Addy... I am aware of it. Looks like a lot of us got inspired in February :))

    Pramod...There are many for whom I write and whose advice is seek. One blog post is not enough for them.

  42. Got late !

    But A Very Happy Birthday!
    Your blog and you sure cheer me up. Till I reached here, was stuck in lots of sad melancholic blogs. They were/are all good pieces.
    But yours just refreshes me like anything!
    I love it !! :)

  43. congratulations :)
    May your blog be more popular and loved..

    Defiant Princess

  44. Am I amused at this? You bet Iam.. Its a great feeling. With so many people around you who are able handle those squiggles called words and sentences the way you do and find their trip in life...... Its good to be counted in that number !!!!!!

  45. mepretentious...Better late than never!

    Thanks Rituparna, Princess, Vee

    Benedict...So eloquently put :))


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