The Curse of the First Born

Rachna Says, a blog with a phenomenal following, is an eclectic mix of parental advice, personal musings and concerns voiced on social ills that plague us. The woman behind the blog, Rachna Parmar is a spirited woman, with strong opinions and stronger principles. She also happens to be a dear friend who I merrily take for granted.

Just as she had given up on hope that I’ll ever write a guest post for her, I shocked her with this ->

As the lifetime member of SODS (Society of Disgruntled Siblings), I finally unburden my heart of its woes in The Curse of the First Born.

As the young couple hold their labour of love in their arms, their hearts fluttering with excitement at having accomplished such a Herculean task - their bundle of joy snuggles up to its mother’s bossom, blissfully unaware of the travails of being the first born. 

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  1. Thank you so much Purba for doing the post and for your warm words.

  2. Purba,

    Navigated, read and left my comment there.

    Take care


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